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Re Re: Fw: Shearwall bottom plate

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The house is near Mammoth Lakes with a 95 psf snow load keep 1/3 of snow for seismic in seismic zone 4 type B less than 2km   so about 19% lateral force of the DL
The wall is 19.5' long at the interior of the structure. shared with the garage so the rim and PT sill is exposed on one side to nail to so I really am concerned about the shear transfer from one side from the shear panel into the plate ( the design into the floor system and to the plate is correct) and into the under floor blocking to the PT sill.
The PT silll is 3x8 and properly designed and correctly installed
The wall studs are 2x8 with 3x8's at the panel joints with simpson TDS hold downs 1" dia all thread with double 3x8 chords
Too much force for a hardy frame
I visited the site prior to any shear panel nailing, only a framed wall an a second floor system on it!
How long is the shear wall ?
What is the capacity of the 2x sill at the foundation ? Shear per foot
2x4 or 2x6 studs ?
What width is the foundation sill ?  2x ?
Joe Venuti
Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs, CA