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Re: Norbord Windstorm OSB panels

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That example is for conventional design and they are comparing that example to their 2-Step Winstorm Method where they don't use any hold downs.

"To summarize, both methods provide the same uplift and shear forces, by loading a continuous path to the foundation."  per their website.

And also tjis is from Norbord's website:

"When nailed according to an engineer-specified nailing pattern Windstorm can reduce or eliminate wall uplift hardware"

Also the ER-1952 legacy report that they reference only provides values for high load horizontal diaphragms.  Norberg must have some values published in another Legacy Report for their shear walls that specifically states that the regular anchor bolts can be used for uplift forces and that it's ok to use cross-grain bending in the sill plates.

Anybody know what this is?

At 12:30 PM 3/16/2006, Tripp Howard wrote:
Looks like it still uses hold-downs, just eliminates the stud to plate connectors.  See this design example for hold-down loading:

Neil Moore <nma(--nospam--at)> wrote:
We've been reading (and commenting) on a OSB shearwall system for
high winds that's being touted to eliminate hold-downs on the
Eng-Tips website. Has any of the list used these walls? They
apparently are using only anchor bolts at the sill plate, with the
bolts resisting both sliding forces and uplift forces and have
referenced this report:

Also review their reasoning:

I can not find a ICBO report that provides data that an engineer can
use to design their panels. The laboratory report is utilizing
cross-grain bending in the sill plate and referencing the Forest
Products Wood Handbook for the tension values of at cross grain bending.

The particular discussion can be found

Any comments? Do you know of any building departments that will
accept these type of shearwalls?

Neil Moore, SE, SECB
neil moore and associates
consulting structural engineers
shingle springs, california

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