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Re: Lateral Loads From Log Stack

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Is there any reference source that may have measured or calculated a lateral force on a wall that restrains a stack of logs?  I have a condition where I need to design a wall that restrains a stack of logs that are running parallel to the wall.  It’s not actually a continuous wall, rather a pile ‘stake’ type wall.
You might want to bracket this by figuring out that the maximum frictional force that would be generated by a given weight of wood on your horizontal surface. Whatever the lateral load distribution is, it'll be reacted at the bottom of the stack by static friction, which is in turn limited to the weight times a reasonable friction coefficient. That'll be a conservative (maybe very conservative) estimate that you won't exceed. All the stacks of logs I've ever run into (mostly firewood) are self-supporting deliberately so you can remove them one at a time without having the whole thing fall on you. If you're looking at stuff like cedar poles for wiring or lights or fence posts, it's very foolish to stack them without a cradle, though.
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