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Re: Beam Repair Advise

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Steel side plates?   Looooong side plates. 

I doubt that a tube rammed into the wood beam would work in bearing, and is likely to split the wood beam (if I understand your suggestion).


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Dear Fellow Engineers:
A carpenter removed a fireplace standing in the center
of 18’x18’ room.  When he next uncovered the flue he
found that a 30” section of 3 1/2” x 11 7/8” MLAM beam
in the ceiling had been cut out to allow the flue to
pass. This beam supports floor joists for a similar
room above. The beam hasn't collapsed because there
are some posts (from the fireplace surround) to a
similar beam below. Of course the owners want to also
remove these posts.

The only repair I’ve come up with is to splice the
opening with a 4”x12” steel rectangular tube, jammed
into each beam end.  

Can you advise?


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