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RE: Beam Repair Advise

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Or, you could tear the whole thing out and replace it with a steel beam.  Take the whole mining approach, “When in doubt, make it stout.”


Dave Maynard, PE


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Your existing beam appears undersized if supporting one floor with an 18' span and 9' tributary width.  To try and splice a beam at midspan when bending is at or near maximum and deflection values are already exceeded for both total load and live load is inviting disaster. Don't try to defy the laws of physics.


You might want to look at what supports the fireplace surround posts. The design may have intended to bear at the fireplace. 

Bill Cain, S.E.
Berkeley CA


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Steel side plates?   Looooong side plates. 

I doubt that a tube rammed into the wood beam would work in bearing, and is likely to split the wood beam (if I understand your suggestion).


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Dear Fellow Engineers:
A carpenter removed a fireplace standing in the center
of 18'x18' room.  When he next uncovered the flue he
found that a 30" section of 3 1/2" x 11 7/8" MLAM beam
in the ceiling had been cut out to allow the flue to
pass. This beam supports floor joists for a similar
room above. The beam hasn't collapsed because there
are some posts (from the fireplace surround) to a
similar beam below. Of course the owners want to also
remove these posts.

The only repair I've come up with is to splice the
opening with a 4"x12" steel rectangular tube, jammed
into each beam end.  

Can you advise?


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