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Re: footing - frost depth

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This is what I've figured...
Thanks for the responses.
David Topete

Jim Wilson <wilsonengineers(--nospam--at)> wrote:
The IRC states " walls, piers and other permanent supports of buildings and structures shall be protected from frost by one or more of the following methods:  1. Extending below the frost line..."
Subsequently, the bottom of footing must be set at or below the frost line.  Some engineers and architects detail the top of the footing at frost line.  It's my guess that this is an older-school approach.  I say that only because I have seen it on older drawings, not in common practice.
For sloping grades, the footing depth needs to be measured perpendicular to the slope.  This could increase the vertical depth.
Jim Wilson, PE
Stroudsburg, PA

IRV FRUCHTMAN <ifaeng(--nospam--at)> wrote:
I thought the bottom of the footing is placed at or
below the frost depth.

--- David Topete wrote:

> List:
> Can someone give me a brief summary of foundation
> design (or detailing) with regard to frost depths
> noted? Do I basically place the top of spread
> footing at or below the frost depth? from finish
> grade?
> A reference would be just fine also. I rarely
> design for wind, snow, or frost, but there's a first
> for everything...
> Thanks in advance.
> DT
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