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RE: Ladders, Cages, Walkways and Stairs

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Title: Ladders, Cages, Walkways and Stairs

For safety, if it is NOT a mining site, normally OSHA governs.  If it is a mine, then you are governed by MSHA.  For this kind of stuff, ladders, cages, walkways, and stairs, I believe CFR 29 will give you everything you need.  This web site,, has all of the CFR’s for you to browse for free either by navigating it, or by a search.  Now, the client may have their own design standards or have adopted portions of a certain code that will be followed on their property for design stuff like this.  For example, for stairways, OSHA give varying angles and corresponding rise/run dimensions for stairways.  IBC, I believe, says “Thou shalt use 7-11.”  So, while OSHA may govern, the client may say to make all stairways 7-11 because, well, that’s the industry standard.  So, stuff like this you will want to check.  Hope this helps.


Dave Maynard, PE


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Subject: Ladders, Cages, Walkways and Stairs


When one designs ladders, ladder cages, walkways and stairs for commercial clients, what is the governing design standard?  It is an OSHA, ASTM, ASME, ANSI standard or other?