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Re: Deflection Criteria

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"barring other issues" is a key phrase.  I will always be haunted by seeing one of my designs many years later, in which the long glu-lam roof overhangs had sagged enough to require ugly angled downspouts to drain the far corners.  And I had thought that I was pretty conservative.  Fortunately that structure has been demolished, replaced by another. 


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The justification I have always subscribed to for using 2x the cantilever length over 240 (or other ratio) for deflection evaluation is a curvature criterion.  Under uniform load, a deflected, fixed end cantilever will have the same shape as half of a uniformly loaded simple span beam (inverted) of twice the length.  If that curvature is acceptable for the simple span it will usually be OK for the cantilever, barring other issues.