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Re: Deflection Criteria

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Hi Bhairavi,
No further clarification in the Building Code is needed.  The additional provisions now in the IBC are redundant.
The deflected shape of a cantilever is that of half of an inverted simply supported beam.  Since the intent is to allow for a deflection of L/240 for the simply supported condition, that deflection equates to L/120 of the half span of the simply supported beam, or for the full span of a cantilever beam, whichever condition you may have.
Good luck,
Jeff Coronado, S.E.
West Covina, CA
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From: Bhairavi
Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2006 5:09 PM
Subject: Deflection Criteria

As to the code section, the live load + dead load deflection is L/240. Can anybody out there get me a reason to justify I can use 2L/240 for a cantilever beam deflection? Is it specified somewhere in the UBC 97 building code or anywhere ? Any comments on this would be highly appreciated.