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Traffic Railing post loads

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I have just inherited a problem which is to check the post base connection at the post supporting traffic railing.  I’m not a bridge engineer and haven’t looked at this sort of thing for quite some time.  But, none the less it is now my problem.  Anyway, the way I read the ASHTO spec. (our version is 1996) you have to put the 10 kip vehicle load at each post.  My boss suggests that section would allow you to distribute 5 kips over 4 posts instead of the 10 kips to one post.  I’m not sure that is what that section is telling me.  Can anyone out there help me out with this?  If that 10 kip load can be distributed then the base connection (designed by others) may be o.k., but if the post has to take the entire 10 kips then the connection is probably not adequate.



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