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RE: concrete embedments interaction equation

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I think the design assumes that the bolts on the compression side of fixture will take all of the shear and the other bolts will resist only tension. Hence no need for  a tension/shear interaction check.

Wesley C. Werner

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Subject: concrete embedments interaction equation

I'm a little confused (as I am most ot the time :-) ).  ACI 318 section D.7 contains some criteria for interaction equations for anchors or groups of anchors subject to both shear and axial loads.  Notes on ACI 318-02 don't use the interaction equations if the tension on the anchors is due to tension from say a moment at the base of a connected part.  It appears the equations are only used if the tension is a result of a direct axial tension load from the connected part.  Am I seeing this correctly?
Joseph R.Grill