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Re: IRC 2006 anchor bolts!!!

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That's quite interesting. I haven't gotten my 2006 yet (signed up with ICC this year so I could get my free copy!), but I suppose that's one step towards making the prescriptive standards match the engineering. I routinely require AB spacings of 24" (or less, depending on the geometry) for the tops of tall basement walls. If I get to count the top as a pinned connection, it better be able to take at least the fixed/pinned load (and distribute it to the perp. walls via the diaphragm).

I don't suppose they changed the basement wall vertical reinforcement spacing to comply with ACI318, did they?


Jim Wilson wrote:

I just cracked my new copy of the IRC 2006 and can't help but share this new tidbit about anchor bolts. There is now a table for bolt spacing based on foundation wall height and backfill depth. Anchor bolt spacings are now provided that range from 5" on center to 72" on center. Here are some typical spacings: 8ft wall GM, GC soils, 6ft of backfill --> AB's at 20"o.c.
same at 7ft backfill --> 12" o.c
9ft wall GM, GC, 8ft of backfill --> 9" o.c.
I'm sure these numbers make sense when considering strict engineering, but what happened to reality?! I can't wait to hear the builders go ballistic over this one. Jim Wilson, PE
Stroudsburg, PA

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