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Re: Virtual Desgin Office?

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Thor -

I use radmin (  I've been pretty happy with it,
although some ISPs block the protocol since it has been hacked in the
past and used as a back door onto systems.  They've been *really* slow
with updates, as well, but the software has been bullet proof for me
so far.  I run under win2k (all current patches) at both ends of my
connection.   The public beta of version 3 is due out this week.  It
supposedly has improved access controls (key-based access, integration
with Kerberos security for win, etc).  I haven't seen the beta, so I'm
reserving judgement on the new features until I do.

Using radmin, I can access my computer as if I was sitting at the
desktop, as well as offering telnet access (which I disabled), a
secure FTP equivalent, and the ability to remotely shut down the
machine.  All of the communications (including the initial sign-on)
are encrypted, so your data is just as secure as your login.

If you have a fixed IP address at your temporary location, you can
even set the server to only accept connections from that IP address.
This works best if you have someone who can restart the server
and change settings, however, just in case your IP address changes.

Despite the fact that I sound like an marketing dweeb, I have no
relationship with Famatech other than as a fairly satisfied customer.


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