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Re: phi in both sides of formula 14-1

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Yes Dave, I will admit to the same off-beat comedic reaction.
On the other hand, to answer the man's question:
The design _expression_ is not straight algebra the way you are thinking of it.  The phiPnw is the name of the variable you are trying to find, if this makes sense.  The axial load strength, Pnw,  would be 14-1 without "phi", the design axial load strength is "phi" times the axial load strength.  Since phi is in the right side of the equation, the nomenclature is phi-Pnw on the left so you know phi has been applied.  It would not cancel out algebraically.
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Subject: RE: phi in both sides of formula 14-1

Eugenio wrote:

?I am confused with the formula (14-1) "Design axial load strength" which sowns a factor "phi" at the two sides of the formula.     In the 2001 California Building Code.

My recollection in algebra says that a value goes to the other side of the formula with the oppossite sign. If I follow the rule, "phi" multiplying goes dividing, means phi/phi=1.

Why in such Chapter 19, DIVII - 1914.5.1 even it gives a value of 0.70 to phi?.


I will appreciate your comments, specially because I am an architect.?


In response:

I think the last statement just about sums up the root of the problem right there.


*laugh*  Sorry, I couldn?t resist.  *laugh*  Just havin? some fun.  I?m in a goofy kinda mood today.


But come on? how many Engineers out there read that statement and thought the exact same thing.  I know you?re out there.  You know who you are!!!


Comedy by:

Dave Maynard, PE

Gillette, Wyoming


P.S. The wind?s blowing like crazy today.  I?m starting to get cabin fever.

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