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Re: Upgrading Your Computer OS (WAS: Virtual Desgin Office?)

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I do actually work more efficiently and achieve better widgets with newer systems, but you are probably right, the way I do things now are probably not much different from 98, just more detail ...
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Subject: Upgrading Your Computer OS (WAS: Virtual Desgin Office?)

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I'm on Win2000 for now so any system that needs higher OS won't be a consideration until such time as I upgrade.



Kind of interesting thought, here.


I hang out on Slashdot (for the women, obviously), and not long ago there was a discussion about Windows Vista?s being delayed (again). I pointed out the HUGE number of computers?especially office PCs?that are still running Windows 2000 Professional with no complaints. The ?maturity? of computer hardware capabilities vs. software requirements is such that an ?old? computer can still do a tremendous amount of work?and so can the ?last generation? OS that (when you think about it) came out in 1999?nearly seven years ago. Really, the only barrier to them is the latest games?which most business computer-users are less likely to care about.


I predict that YEARS after Windows Vista is (finally!) released, folks will be using ?old? hardware with Windows XP. After all, how ?obsolete? do you think a dual-core 64-Bit AMD processor system with PCI Express and 2 Gigs o? RAM is likely to be, even five, six, seven, eight years from now?


Are you really doing things THAT much differently now than you were in, say, 1998?