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RE: Who decides top of concrete level?

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> Subject: Who decides top of concrete level?
> Who decides top of concrete Level?

> At some other places the engineer says "keep top of concrete 
> at least 4" below sidewalk level. Coordinate with Arch dwgs"
> What does at least 4" mean?
> Again the buck is being passed on to us?
> We looked up the Arch dwgs.
> An elevation of the building is shown.
> The ground level varies haphazardly.
> The slopes are not uniform and vary along the length of the building.
> The ground slope is also not uniform.
> Are we to decide the sidewalk levels from this ?

Escalate the matter - have the GC or the fabrication shop that
outsourced their detailing pound the phones to obtain the required


Have the EOR verify your decision on the shop drawing submittals - cloud
all of the questionable areas.

It isn't clear why the steel detailer would care about the elevation of
the slab on grade below the first floor.  If the bottom of the column
elevations have been designated, then why should you care about the
elevation of the final grade below the building or are the beams to bear
on the stem wall?


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