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RE: Who decides top of concrete level?

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>Being "harsh towards the engineer"??
>Give me a break! Many engineers today assume that detailing firms always
>enough money in their quotes to draw things the way they think they should
>be and then redraw things the way the EOR finally decides they should be.

I guess I hit a nerve there Dave.  I just don't think it is productive to
write emails talking about someone being incompetent (as the previous poster
labeled the engineer) when we don't know all of the circumstances.  Maybe
the drawings are as complete as the engineer could get them in the time
constraints placed on them by the owner and the information available.  Do
you know all of the circumstances regarding this project?  If you do, please
enlighten the rest of us.  If not, please provide a constructive suggestion
on how to resolve the problem at hand with the information available.

>Drawings that don't have all the information on them are not complete and
>should not be issued until they are. (perfect world scenario).

This sentence and phrase seem to contradict each other.  It's not a perfect
world and sometimes drawings do go out incomplete (either accidentally or
purposefully).  It's obviously best if the drawings do go out perfect every
time, but I don't think it is reasonable to expect this every time on every

>There are many engineering firms that send their drawings out completed.
>with the program!!

If you are alluding to some magical firm that has never had an RFI generated
from any of their drawings, please congratulate them for me (and if it's not
too much trouble ask them how to cure cancer, solve world hunger and bring
about world peace).


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