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RE: Inverted Key vs Starter Wall

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Please provide a better description of what you mean by a "flat
water-stop" and how it is placed - perhaps a model no.?  

The only style I can think of that might fit this application is
referred to as a "retrofit" waterstop that is bolted and bonded to the
surface.  It is not "used all the time" but is used by some specifiers
under limited circumstances.  

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> You can use shear-friction but the problem is that if you use 
> a flush joint at the wall to slab interface and use a 6" PVC 
> waterstop, the 3"
> projection of the waterstop into the slab will interfere with 
> the top slab reinforcement. 
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> Alternatively, however, you may use a "flat" water-stop which 
> is what is used all the time for sanitary structures.

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