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Piling for a Marina w/ difficult soil conditions

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I have a tricky piling problem that I'm looking for some input on.  
First of all, if anybody can think of a solution besides piling, that 
would be fantastic.  The project is a building for a marina and the 
developer has asked me to come up with piling (preferably for free, 
of course) for the docking area.

The top of dock El. is 100', water is at 95', soil (gloop) is at 88' 
thru 90' and then extremely hard glacial till at 82'.  The geotech 
report gives hammer blow count for the till of 50 blows per 10 cm 
(4").  The gloop is a mix of fill and native soil with an angle of 
repose of 10 degrees or Ka = 1.0.

With my limited piling experience, I can't come up with an economical 
proposal.  I have been told that piling will not penetrate very 
deeply into the glacial till so I cannot rely on cantilever shaft 
piling.  I can't put in horizontal tie-backs because the gloop 
requires you to go back forever (approx. 70') to get some anchorage. 
I can't put in sloped tie-backs into the till because of the 
excavation and penetration into the till.

I've spoken to one engineer who does nothing but piling who stated 
that this is an unusual problem but he wants to be hired before 
offering any opinions.  However, the developer doesn't want to pay 
him to come up with a solution he can't afford.  I'm looking for any 
and all suggestions from the brains here on the list as I'm running 
out of ideas.


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