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Re: Wind Loads for Tower

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If you are working with a tower 210m high, you should have a wind tunnel study performed to develop the appropriate cladding and component loads for your area.  ASCE 7 and UBC stop at 400 feet, you are closer to 700 feet.  Also being in UAE, I would assume there may be some local conditions and exposures that the codes would not adequately address.
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Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2006 1:48 AM
Subject: Wind Loads for Tower

I am designing a fastener system for a sandwich panel roof -50mm thick laid over a Tower Building of height 210m. I have a basic wind speed from the client as 45m /sec .As we do not have any standard / code here in UAE for wind considerations, I  referred  MBMA Manual which is of no use as its for Low rise steel buildings say upto 20m height. I also referred UBC -1997 code which gives the combined height, exposure and gust factor upto 400 ft. (2.34- Exposure ?D). I do not have CP- 3 at this moment. It would be helpful, if anyone guides me to calculate the design wind pressure/ coefficients for the roofing components.


Any suggestions to design the fasteners for this roofing of Tower?  


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