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Re: Piling for a Marina w/ difficult soil conditions

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All clients want free advice, and there are times when we (engineers) give it. Some of it can reasonably called marketing, some of it is ego, some of it might be considered "proof of qualification". I wouldn't be so quick to jump down Gary's throat about it. We've all come across a stumper that has an obvious solution that we just aren't seeing.


Richard L. Hess wrote:

Are you serious, Gary?
Do you do have many clients that want free expert advice?
Do you really think anyone respects what we like to call a profession when
they can get free expert evaluations or do you think what we have learned at
school, in seminars and on the job for many years is not worth anything?
Try asking you medical doctor to come out to your house to give you a free
diagnosis of what ails you and you may find him or her laughing at you.
I am sorry if this offends.  Nothing personal is meant but we have to start
acting like we really believe that what we have to offer in advice is what
will save our clients money and safety.
It is probably worth a great deal of money for the developer to find out
whether or not the construction he wants is feasible; because if he does not
get good engineering advice he can blunder in and lose his shirt or the one
he has borrowed from someone else .
Richard Hess

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