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RE: Hydrophillic Water Stops

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OK, these fall into the category of what I call "expansive waterstops" -
the material (either a chemical or bentonite) expands when subjected to
moisture.  As I previously noted, "I have also sometimes used expansive
waterstops without a starter wall - usually in small structures such as
junction boxes."  

There seems to be some reluctance in the industry to replace PVC
waterstops with expansive waterstops as a "standard" system, although
PVC waterstops do have the issue of adequate consolidation of concrete
for them to be effective.  Expansive waterstops typically contract if
allowed to dry and then re-expand when exposed again to moisture.  Thus,
there can be some initial leakage until the re-expansion is completed.
They generally aren't suggested for movement joints (expansion and
contraction joints), and there are concerns where expansive and PVC
waterstops intersect and must be spliced.  And for chemical
containments, it is not clear how the expansion is affected by

There are also "injection tube waterstops" (e.g., Injecto-Tube by
DeNeef) - the material expands to form a foam when first exposed to
water but the foam does not contract when dried. 

I've used them all for specific applications but still tend to rely on
the PVC waterstop as the "industry standard" for large treatment basins.


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