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Re: Forensic Engineers (Arizona)

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Just talked with some engineers in the forensic area
and they don't know anything about a forensic engineer
designation.  Checked the 2006 Arizona legislation and
don't see any new proposed laws regarding forensic
engineering either.

As far as Arizona Structural PE (SE?), I'm registered
as a Structural Engineer and a Civil Engineer in
Arizona.  When I moved to Phoenix from the northeast
10 years ago, the AZ Board did not accept my Florida
PE for the Structural area.  They "allowed" me the
opportunity to take the SE II exam to demonstrate my
abilities.  I have two stamps with separate PE
numbers, one for Civil and the other for Structural. 
In this state, Civil PE's routinely perform Structural
PE work.

Paul Blomberg
Phoenix, AZ

--- GSKWY(--nospam--at) wrote:

> My impression was that the forensic engineers were
> to be those involved in 
> condominium construction defect inspections  (aka
> mold and cracks).
> But Bill is right,  they are not listed on the
> Arizona board site.
> A second question then is when an Arizona engineer
> says PE (structural)  what 
> test does this mean they took for licensing?
> Does your stamp say structural on it?  From a quick
> scan of the web site, it 
> seems like someone doesn't have to be a PE
> (structural) to do structural 
> engineering.  
> Gail Kelley

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