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RE: Forensic Engineers (Arizona)

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In Arizona a civil PE can design any structure.  It is your obligation to practice within your area of competence.  There is no SE license or designation.  They do have a sort of “specialty” in structural design, but again there is not a separate designation as an SE, but there is a separate seal which indicates “structural” instead of “civil”.  The structural “specialty” is obtained by passing the NCEES I and II exams or in some cases a history of experience or a combination of the two will suffice at the discretion of the board.  This is how I understand it anyway and is how it was explained to me.  Back when I moved here, Roger Turk explained that he added the “(Structural)” behind his PE to indicate that he had indeed fulfilled the requirements.


This is possibly confusing, but it is my first attempt at anything this morning.



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My impression was that the forensic engineers were to be those involved in condominium construction defect inspections  (aka mold and cracks).

But Bill is right,  they are not listed on the Arizona board site.

A second question then is when an Arizona engineer says PE (structural)  what test does this mean they took for licensing?

Does your stamp say structural on it?  From a quick scan of the web site, it seems like someone doesn't have to be a PE (structural) to do structural engineering.  

Gail Kelley