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Re: Piling for a Marina w/ difficult soil conditions [AKA free doctoring]

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In a message dated 4/4/06 8:22:38 AM, RLHess(--nospam--at) writes:
Try asking your medical doctor to come out to your house to give you a free
diagnosis of what ails you and you may find him or her laughing at you.

Sometimes when a prospective client is amazed that I expect to be paid to come out and tell him what's structurally wrong with his house so that I can design a fix, I mention doctor's free house calls, or the lack thereof.  (Actually they used to do that, or at least settle for a bushel of apples or a chicken, but that was during the Depression.)

Once in a while I even go so far as I ask if they'd take bids so they could find the cheapest brain surgeon for their wife, but not often.  :)