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RE: Monorail Design

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CMAA 74 "Specifications for Top Running and Under Running Single Girder Electric Traveling Cranes Utilizing Under Running Trolley Hoist" has design recommendations for the stress evaluation on monorail flanges due to bending and flange loading of trolleys.
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The CISC Design Guide, already cited, only has about 3/4 of a page specifically dealing with underhung cranes and monorails.  They then cite 3 other publications for additional info; 1, Fisher, J.M., 1993, Industrial Buildings, AISC Design Guide 7; 2, Goldman, 1990, Design of Crane Runway Girders for Top Running and Under-Running Cranes & Monorails, Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, Volume 17, Montreal, Quebec; 3, Weaver, 1985, Whiting Crane Handbook, 4th Ed., Third Printing (Out of Print).
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If the CISC Manual is unavailable I have it in PDF, let me know and I will email it.
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Subject: Monorail Design

I'm at my stupid site office and I need a design guide for monorail hoist design.  I thought there was a design guide from Canada that laid out a lot of this stuff, and I thought there was a free download.  Can someone point me in the right direction???  Thanks.


Dave Maynard, PE

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