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Re: Forensic Engineers (Arizona)

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No, the way they describe it is that performing professional services in TN is a privilege granted by the state and is therefor taxable. It applies to doctors, lawyers, and accountants, iirc. They don't have a state income tax...they're got to find it elsewhere (other than the 8-12% sales taxes)


PS - I saw your comment about going to /. for the chicks. First, aren't you married? Second, even if you aren't, that's still just wrong. Very wrong.

Polhemus, Bill wrote:

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From: Jordan Truesdell, PE [mailto:seaint1(--nospam--at)] ...if you actually practice engineering, you must pay an annual $400 "Professional Privilege" fee. I'm currently inactive in TN to avoid that fee, but I can reinstate at any point by paying the fee for the current year.

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Well, that's a new one on me.

"Professional Privilege" fee? Sounds like a hotel or airline incentive
package. Does it come with a free weekend at a day-spa or something?

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