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Re: Welding Failures [or misinterpretation]

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I'm interested in the responses to your question, but I'm also concerned about the situation where a builder (in any aspect of construction) misinterprets the drawings (or specifications) but has no doubt about his/her interpretation and goes on to build something wrong.  S/he had no reason to call the engineer because s/he thought s/he completely understood the requirements.  But his/her interpretation was wrong.  What then?


In a message dated 4/7/06 9:29:06 AM, jascopac(--nospam--at) writes:
I am having a heated argument with a welder on welding symbols.  It is a
long story but basically my advise is if there is any doubt don't just weld
it check with the engineer.

To prove my point I would like to find reference to major failure caused by
poor welding practice or misunderstanding the welding symbols.