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Re: Welding Failures

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On Apr 7, 2006, at 12:25 PM, jascopac wrote:

To prove my point I would like to find reference to major failure caused by
poor welding practice or misunderstanding the welding symbols.
Do a Google search on failure analysis and pick some books. If you have a copy of Metal Handbook, there's a whole volume on failure analysis. The best example I know of for welding failures is the WWII Liberty ship fractures, which resulted from bad weld practice, poor metallurgy and fatigue. I have a photo someplace which has been reproduced widely of a T2 tanker (SS Schenectady, I think) which broke in two at dockside under almost no load because of cracks caused by poor welding practice.

Your best bet for weld symbols is a chart by the AWS showing weld symbols. Otherwise tables of weld symbols are everywhere. Try the Lincoln Electric web site, any of Omer Blodgett's books, the summry contained in the Steel Handbook for starters.

Let me suggest that you get as familiar as you ought to be with standard reference materials before you go lacing into your welder. I don't think you really want a reputation as a know-it-all. Touch labor can be your very best friend, so be a little circumspect.
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