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RE: Humor [waaaaaaay OT]

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Most organized religion is fear based. If you don’t do this that and this, bad things will happen… etc…


Basically, 90% of histories problems/conflicts are caused by organized religion or were justified by those beliefs… IMNSHO. Our current administration is great at using fear to get their/his/the Lord’s goals accomplished


(sorry, had to squeeze that in there). I wacked myself with my engineers scale on my guitar picking hand as a punishment.




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More like "step over here a moment, m'lad, and meet my four-foot-long
hickory friend."

Not being of that particular persuasion I've always wondered what they thought they were accomplishing by beating the sh!t out of kids, other than creating pure basic fear and hatred.  Maybe it had something to do with keeping quiet about what was gong on in that upstairs closet?