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Re: Sodium Bentonite

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Sodium bentonite turns into the stickiest, most slippery, hard to remove
SLIME you can imagine when it gets wet.  Just in case you're thinking of
using it to melt ice to keep people from slipping on sidewalks.

I have no idea what it would do to the concrete surface.  Are you worrying
about sodium ions entering the concrete?  The sodium bentonite has a huge
affinity for water--does that mean the sodium ions would tend to stay in the

Best of luck,


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Subject: Sodium bentonite

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Is anyone aware of any data associating sodium bentonite with freeze =
thaw damage to slabs? I'm interested in learning if application of =
sodium bentonite to a concrete surface during wintertime may result in a =
retention of water at the surface of the slab with a resulting risk of =
scaling and pitting to the concrete, as might be seen if salt is =

Thanks very much!

James Cohen, PE
James Cohen Consulting, PC

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