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Re: Weld Symbols

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This is a classic problem,  Something goes wrong and
somebody adopts a practice to "make sure that this
problem never occurs again".  The net result is that
an individual or office will adopt an idiosyncratic
practice that often requires more effort and can cause
other problems.  The lack of the problem repeating
itself is used as justification that the practice is

First we should ask ourselves: 
--Would the new practice have prevented the problem?  
--Is this problem likely to occur again or would the
recurrence interval be very large?
--Would the strategy protect us against similar but
slightly different problems?

Not having had this problem in my many years of
experience my tendency would be to stay with common
industry practice.  I believe that making provisions
for welding inspection is the most effective way to
address this problem as well as a wide variety of
other problems.

We cannot prevent all problems.  What we need to do is
adopt practices that are most resilient and give us
the most bang for the buck.  Following common
practice, exercising the appropriate standard of care
and recommending a good inspection program is
generally the way to go.

Mark Gilligan

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No failure, but I had just come from nuclear power
plants to precast concrete and for a stressing
abutment I called out a full penetration weld (as
people called them then) on a 1" thick plate. When the
parts arrived, I was asked if I wanted to look at
them. The local fabricator had provided about a 1/8"
fillet instead of the CJP on the detail. So for the
past twenty years, I have called out the bevel
whenever I call out a groove weld. The weld symbol is
correct, and I duplicate it in a sketch because I
never know when I'll get another welder that does not
know how to read symbols. 
   James Getaz
   Winchester, Virginia

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