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Re: Welding Failures

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On Apr 9, 2006, at 1:25 AM, Harold Sprague wrote:

Personally, I expect the detailed weld symbol to show the procedure, the bevel, the preparation, the heat, the filler metal, etc. And I check them. Maybe I am a bit particular, but I have worked in about every area of structural steel and I am more than a bit cautious.
Not particular at all but absolutely right on--the way it ought to be done. We specify base materials properly based on performance requirements, so let it be with welds. every time I see the term 'pre-qualified weld' come up on the list it makes my palms sweat. My experience is that most structural failures start at connections. Even the dullards in our business know how to size beams, Connection design separates the men from the boys.

The problem is that not many engineers understand how to read a properly submitted detailed CJP welding procedure. Then the appropriate inspections have to occur. I am qualified to do visual inspections, but not for CJP. I do, however, know how to verify the qualifications of the NDT welding inspector. Put it all together and you have a good weld.
Also absolutely right on. I figure an improperly inspected weld is as much an engineering failure as a fabrication issue.

Few engineers know how to properly specify or verify CJP welds.
I don't know anyone who learned welding design any other way than hands-on. You learn it by walking through a shop or a work site and talking to the people who do the work. When you get a question or a problem, you go see things for yourself. Eventually you learn what it's about. And beware of welding design courses whose sole purpose is higher production at lower cost.

I am bitterly envious that I couldn't have put it as well as Harold has. There probably aren't many engineers on this list who take great pains to specify base materials properly, but a great many more who think that understanding weld procedures.

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