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RE: Welding Failures

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On Apr 9, 2006, at 1:25 AM, Harold Sprague wrote:

> Personally, I expect the detailed weld symbol to show the procedure, 
> the bevel, the preparation, the heat, the filler metal, etc.  And I 
> check them.  Maybe I am a bit particular, but I have worked in about 
> every area of structural steel and I am more than a bit cautious.


What you are asking for is a duplication of effort. Putting a weld procedure
number on a weld symbol is a great idea and to my mind should be mandatory.

But, the procedure itself contains all of the variables that you mention
i.e.; electrode, base metal, bevel angle, max thickness, position, wire
feed, gas flow etc. Also, the AWS does not require that much info on the

Up here in the great white north, ALL shops doing structural work MUST be
sanctioned by the welding bureau, MUST have at the least, a retained welding
engineer, MUST have one or more designated welding supervisors having passed
at least 5 different bureau exams and MUST have on hand a catalogue of all
the welding procedures the shop is allowed to do. Welding operators MUST
have tickets for each weld procedure they are allowed to do. Each ticket is
issued only after the operator has been physically tested and his weld
specimens have been tested. It becomes shop property, if the operator goes
to work in another shop, he/she must be retested.

In shops I have managed, fitters were required to draw the weld symbol on
the steel in chalk as most welding operators could not read drawings. The
welding supervisor would then check the chalk mark with the drawing and then
check the weld for conformity. Incidents of misinterpretation were extremely


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