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Porch roofs replacement at brick veneer

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I'm curious what others have done for replacing damaged porch roofs where the original porch roof was supported on brick veneer (rafters/joists set in pockets in the 4" brick). I've got a fire damage case on a 100+/- y.o. structure, and the most of the porch roof is charcoal. I've got a set of details which extend support from the interior walls via steel brackets to a new ledger, with the new weight and eccentricity accounted for, along with getting the wall-side wind loads back into the existing walls/sheathing as well, but it just seems like a royal pita from a construction standpoint. Anyone have a magic bullet for such supports? Because this is in an historic district, I can't change the facade, so I can't add posts at the house and use a portal frame in the roof space to take the moment.


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