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Constructability article in April MSC

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Did anyone else see the constructibility article on p28 of MSC this month and think, "the architect must have been crazy"?? The gist of the article is that by doing a full review and redesign using modern BIM and having the independent SE using the same software as the fabricator, they saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and eliminated 78% of the beams in a building. It sounds very impressive until you look at what the A/E had done to start with: an 8" deep steel beam depth spanning (I'm guessing) a 30' to 40' bay. They had W8x40s on 3' centers! Most of the efficiency seems to come from increasing the beam depth to 18" and more than tripling the beam spacing.

I have to think that that was an arch. driven floor space, not a design choice by the original SE. It looks like the consulting engr told the architect to increase his f-f height or live with the beams, where the in house (assuming it was in house) didn't have the clout to do so. This looks like an example of poor understanding of structural efficiency by the architects, and blatant disregard for the client's budget.

It's nice to see what efficient design can do, but I'm not sure this is "repeatable" efficiency on a typical, sensibly designed projects.


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