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RE: Simple Excel question.

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I have used "ZapfDingbats BT" Font for this propose as follows:
1- Conditionally format the cell to be green if the result is 4 and red color if the result is 6.

2- Change the font of the cell to "ZapfDingbats BT"

3- Use a simple "IF" function, i.e. "=IF(F20>F14,4,6)", to establish 4 for correct/satisfactory and 6 for wrong/no good result

4- When the cell values becomes 4, the "ZapfDingbats BT" font shows a "Check Mark" in green. And when the value becomes 4, it shows a red cross (X).

If you need the font let me know and I attach and email it to you. Then you have to install this font



Casey (Khashayar) Hemmatyar, PE