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RE: Welding Failures

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Since becoming an engineer I have tried to design things that did not require anything extraordinary. Some times on retro-fits even my designs can approach extraordinary, but I always try to make it as easy as possible.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: RE: Welding Failures
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 08:06:43 -0400

            Harold Sprague, the young buck who never snapped a whipper,

            "OK.  Going further back into my history when I was a
welder, we would take a

piece of welding rod and weld it to a fitted stiffener.  We would slide
the stiffener into the end of the HSS (modern lingo) and hold it in
place while we welded it inside of the HSS.  We would use 2 welding
stick electrodes (welded end to end to make a 2' electrode) and we could
weld inside the HSS about 8 or 10 inches from the end fairly easily.
Obviously they were one sided fillet welds, or partial pen welds if we
bevel ground the stiffener edges.  Old ironworkers taught me that


                        I've had welders tell me of doing such things -
I've never watched. And I've known welders that could surely lay a
perfect bead that way. But would you call out something like that? Where
do you draw the line between things that can be done and things that
every certified welder will likely do well every time (just like
licensed engineers can create dumb designs)?

            Thank you,

            Jim Getaz

            Winchester, Virginia

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