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RE: COMPUTER: "Kiosk" for Powerpoint Presentation

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I've never done what you're asking for a "self-running" kiosk, but I've
moderated technical sessions where multiple PowerPoint presentations are
hyperlinked so that the transition from one presentation to the next is

In general.

1.)  Go to "Slide Sorter View", Right Click to "Set up show".  Here, you
can set up how presentation proceeds (kiosk, speaker, individual
window).  Here is also where you can click how slides are advanced (by
user, or timed).  You can either time each slide individually or in
whole.  After presentation has been complete, SAVE AS PowerPoint show
(with extension *.pps).

Activating this file (via double clicking or hyperlinking) loads the
PowerPoint viewer and goes directly to the first slide.  This can be
tricky, especially if you have embedded videos, I've had some problems
running video from PPS.

2.)  In another presentation, you can then hyperlink to your various
PPS.  In theory, when user is in the individual presentations, ESC
should return back to "Main Menu".

You'll have to play around with this, but PowerPoint is powerful for
these types of things.  I suspect it'll do just about any kind of bell
and whistle you can imagine...


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Kind of an off-beat question:

Has anyone ever had to set up a "self-running" powerpoint presentation
such as at a convention or expo, where you have a "kiosk" so that the
potential user can select a presentation to view?

Were you able to do it using "standard" components? How did you
accomplish it?

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