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Re: Porch roofs replacement at brick veneer

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Thanks for your reply.

In this case I've probably overstated the age - it may only be 85 years old (1921, possibly). I'm using something similar to what you describe. I had considered steel brackets, but then we'd have to cut through the sheathing, and I'm not certain that the existing rafters line up with the studs. I ended up going with a PT block after setting the job down for a few days and then re-looking at what I had to work with. I'm putting in new studs at the critical locations, and the assembly is fairly straight forward since the whole house has been demoed back to the framing members.


Jeffrey Fertich wrote:

Forgive me if I am stating the obvious, but most 100 yr old homes are not veneer on stud, if the brick is mulit-wythe you may bear on it and attach to it with epoxy anchors. Otherwise I use a detail where a five inch thick piece of p.t. wood is attached with lags to the back up stud, this will provide an attachment point for a ledger, lags are not the best for load capacity and you don't know what wood your attaching to so use "engineering judgment" to determine spacing.

Jeff Fertich, PE

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