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Re: Concrete bearing friction coefficient

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            Don DeVore wrote, “If a precast wall panel is bearing upon an adjacent one, one of the factors for resisting horizontal displacment would be the friction between the surfaces. Surely this would be proportional to the weight on the bearing. I'm trying to get a picture of the total resistance to wind load based upon mechanical fasteners and the horizontal bearing surfaces. Any ideas?”



                        Stacking wall panels is so much easier than hanging them. However, near the top of the bottom wall panel should be a tieback connection that resists lateral loads. The same should occur near the bottom of the upper panel. Or if the panels are against a solid wall, one tieback that resists loads from both panels can be at the top of the lower panel and the upper panel dowels into the lower one. And any two adjacent panels can have alignment connections that can be completed to make sure the panels are flush along the entire adjoining edge. To quote ACI 318, “Connection details that rely solely on friction caused by gravity loads shall not be used.”

            Jim Getaz

            Precast Concrete Engineer

            Winchester, Virginia