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Re: Building on Fault Lines

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I am not aware of any codified restrictions.  On the other hand, I know of many communities - older and quite new - having been developed right on the known faults, including "Type A" faults.  Luckily, San Andreas is mostly located in not very hospitable portion of the state; other such faults run through densely  populated areas with ongoing construction. 
AFAIK, the proximity to the fault line is supposed to be disclosed during the sale of the property (like flood zone).  I do not know of any cases when it stopped anybody from buying a home with a nice view.  The city of Newport Beach is located right on the Newport Inglewood fault - the real estate prices there are steadily through the roof.  A nuclear station, major port, many refineries, and lots of cities are located only several miles away from, or right on, that fault.
LA is sitting on many known faults.  AFAIK, the city - which is generally difficult in plancheck on every single anchor bolt - appears to have gone back on its own ordinance to inspect and repair all steel-framed high-rises that were likely to had been seriously damaged during the Northridge and earlier earthquakes.  
IMHO, this problem is much more acute than many - if not most - other code-related issues.  I've been posting about it for years with very little response.   
The only time the real estate prices drop and the public becomes more aware of the earthquake hazards is after a sizable shaker.  But the awareness appears to dissipate quickly in beautiful California.
Steve Gordin SE
Irvine CA
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Sent: Tuesday, April 18, 2006 5:25 AM
Subject: Building on Fault Lines

What restrictions do California (and other states) have as far as building near fault zones?

I.e.  is there a minimum required distance through the nominal fault line?

Is there a restriction on the type of construction within a certain distance of the fault line?  I.e. you can't build a nuclear reactor on top of a known fault line?

When did restrictions start going into place?

When existing buildings are renovated / converted does there distance to a fault line become an issue?

What document / code are there requirements/restrictions contained in?

At what level of government (city / county / state) is this type of restriction promulgated?

Gail Kelley