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Re: Building on Fault Lines

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Oh, In addition to my previous comments, there is one aspect that is often over-looked but can have substantial impact on building adjacent to a fault line.
Other than single family or small developments, any building or development of size will usually have a PML (Probable Maximum Loss) study requirement as part of the financing.  This will usually include a peer review of the proposed structure for seismic performance evaluation, and getting a favorable PML can dictate building type and design requirements more so than the code.
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Sent: Tuesday, April 18, 2006 5:25 AM
Subject: Building on Fault Lines

What restrictions do California (and other states) have as far as building near fault zones?

I.e.  is there a minimum required distance through the nominal fault line?

Is there a restriction on the type of construction within a certain distance of the fault line?  I.e. you can't build a nuclear reactor on top of a known fault line?

When did restrictions start going into place?

When existing buildings are renovated / converted does there distance to a fault line become an issue?

What document / code are there requirements/restrictions contained in?

At what level of government (city / county / state) is this type of restriction promulgated?

Gail Kelley