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Sx in Tables 3-2 of New Steel Construction Manual ???

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It is unfortunate that Tables 3-2 do not have the Sx values side by side with the Zx values.

Recognizing that the New Steel Construction Manual presents a Unified method from now on, it should still be one that the Designers could put hands on and find the most common design values tabulated easily and conveniently, for small buildings and quick beam designs, the Sx values still prove to be practical and sometimes more economical than the designs obtained with the Zx values. AISC should consider to include the values of Sx in the new editions. Other tabulated values in Tables 3-2 Designers may never even have to use them, but Sx is a good reference and bench mark value, It should be included in Tables 3-2 of the Steel .Construction Manual.


Pedro R. Muñoz, Ph.D., P.E.

Newburyport, MA