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Re: Request for Joist Load Table

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Contact SJI. They will give you a free download for the SJI catalogue. On page 44 they will give instructions on how to determine the moment of inertia for an LH joist.

Harold Sprague

Ashraf Manjappara <ashraf.manjappara(--nospam--at)> wrote: Hello David,
Thanks for the info. I am doing the design of building which has the LH series joist at the roof which supports steel deck roof. The maximum roof span is 22m and the building is 100mx76m in plan. I am modeling the building in STAAD and I am using beam elements to model joist in STAAD model. Hence if you can give me a reference from which I can get the moment of inertia and other properties of joist that would be helpful for me.

On 17/04/06, David Topete <davetopete(--nospam--at)> wrote: If it's a Vulcraft joist, it looks like a 44" deep, LH-series joist (hence, 1100)...
For a 44LH12, the properties are...
25lbs/ft, a safe load of 29,600 lbs, and a range of spans from 47 ft to 80 ft.
Hope this helps.

Ashraf Manjappara <ashraf.manjappara(--nospam--at)>  wrote:   Hello all,
 I would like to know what is the properties of 1100LH12 open web joist.
 The units are SI.
 Can anybody give some references?
 thanks in advance

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