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Sx -Zx Strength-Deflection Tables 3-2 AISC Manual

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In many situations selection of W shapes are controlled by deflection or serviceability in which case a particular section may be way over the required Zx or at the service level the required Sx. A look of the required Sx values at the service level is still a good reference bench mark of strength design for service loads. Not intending to go back to the ASD design method but perhaps as a way to have the designers feel more comfortable making the transition from the old green ASD Manual to the new black Manual and not having to flip so many pages back to look for a value that used to be there in the Tables, may be a way to have the designers finally feel at home with one single Manual and perhaps start using the black Manual more often and immerse themselves into it. Similar to what happened with the Ix values in the Green Manual, one had to write the Ix values in a separate column just for convenience of having them right there.. Similarly to what is being done with presenting the values of ASD in green and the LRFD values in blue, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have the Sx values right there in those Tables 3-2 next to the Zx values. Just a suggestion.


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