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RE: Reinforcing for Anchor Bolt Breakout

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I thought ACI appendix D is meant for unreinforced concrete.  It seems logical that if the concrete has to pop out past horizontal reinforcement that the shear friction the horizontal reinforcement produces could be used to resist the pop out and that if the pop-out happens adjacent to vertical reinforcement that you could count on the strength of the steel developed above and below the pop-out to resist the pop-out. 
I have not seen this is a design guide but I have seen engineers do it.

From: Rich Lewis [mailto:seaint03(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: Reinforcing for Anchor Bolt Breakout

Are there any practical ways to reinforce a footing for concrete breakout of anchor bolts as defined in ACI appendix D, section 5.2?  If Break Out is the controlling factor in the design of the anchor, and I don’t want to design the footing thickness based on anchor bolts, what would be a reinforcing configuration to strengthen the breakout capacity?


Thanks for any insight.