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Letter from Contractor

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Dude........5 miles north.....5 miles south..major winds in excess of 100mph...big ass 3' and calm...too was all isolated storm activity  they were 5 miles wide and just ripped through Gallitin...a little north and east of here..Hendersenville,johnny cash's home pounded too !! a car dealership was all smashed to pieces....unbelievable ! this new big ass subdivision got hammered too...some simple schooling on construction technique would prevent so much damage in the future ! I am compelled to write an article,albeit using a "nom d' plume" so I don't get my ass kicked,on  "why do you build like retards?  the norm here is to "look good" as opposed to "being good" or "built well"  all sizzle and no steak..I'll explain....foundations are just! strong...this is what holds up the works...NOT!..they build everywhere with hollow block cmu...nothing inherently wrong with that if you put some steel in it and fill it up with a high psi grout mix....nah..fuck that !! hollow...I mean nada ! so ....where are mechanical connection to the foundation......but....we put a really cool transition strip of trim to cover that joint ! wow..we even put some crown mould under the lip...behind all the brick veneer,,,no shearwall..just either 1/2 fibre sound board or 1/2 foam insulation...a few wall ties and it looks awesome...but can't handle any to the mechanical connection tying the rafters to the big wind comes..the uplift at the eaves just peels off the whole roof structure..shot in with shorty 8 penny toenails...duh!!  so now we increase the debris field in the tornado to about 300yds with lots of wood flying around at 180 mph..not to mention starts rocking from the roof getting torn off and the foundation starts to shake from that..and it crumbles because there is no true support!!!  f__king hillbillies..people in church praying for the storm to dodge them...they should be praying for an engineer who actually gives a shit...wham... the whole church dumps on them..what to they cover on the news???? the f_king pastor say's the congregation wasn't praying hard enough....f__k you...your stinking red neck brother in law who build this piece of shit should be culpable because he did not nail it off correctly....wait a minute...there are people outside my house with torches and pitchforks...calling my name..... got to run....johnny lee