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Re: Letter from Contractor

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I don't know where this particular incident happened, but this past season, the TV news has been full of these kind of happenings, even showing houses "blowing up" by tornado chasers, cryptic comments and all.  My church comment actually comes for a TV view I saw a few years ago where people had used the modern church as a sanctuary and some were killed.  The unreinforced block was shown.

Look closely at some of the pictures if you can.  See the details of construction - or lack of it.   Reflect on "code" enforcement in some jurisdictions.   Know that the "good old boys" won't let the system be changed.  I've often thought that the insurance companies would step in and try to improve the system.   It's not happened that I'm aware of, but like you, I'm busy with my practice and my life too.

When you look at these pictures, you certainly realize that life safety in buildings is still getting short shifted.

Read the article about the San Francisco earthquake that was in the San Francisco Chronicle this week which was referenced in a earlier email on this list.  

Actually the guy just really said what I've been feeling this past few weeks after watching the national news.  We don't get much of this on the local news, just the local murder count for the day.  


At 09:39 AM 4/20/2006, you wrote:
    Okay, but the question I have is where and when did this happen?  I have been busy both in the office as well as out and haven't seen the news in a week or so.  The newspapers here in town are too liberal for me so I don't subscribe.  I somewhat live in a vacuum.