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Re: Lag Bolt Zperp values in thin members

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I should say that Tom Scaggs from APA forwarded a response from Dr. Frank Woeste (who has an office not two miles from mine) that included the test data and the article in JLC.  The article came out during the two years or so that I didn't subscribe to JLC. The values are via test, which is good because we know they work, but is bad, because I can't really use them for anything except the exact test configuration. Worse yet is how far the test values are off from the NDS tables (or, perhaps thats the other way around).

Once again, the building code has access to research and design values which are not in concert with the referenced literature (see also my rants a year ago about the reinforcement in concrete walls).  It's good for the folks building by the prescriptive code, but it means that if someone walks into my office with a 12'-6" deck joist (6" longer than the max length in the table), instead of using lags at 14"o/c, I have to make them use four 1/2" diameter through bolts per foot. It makes me look pretty bad (conservative) to them, and in a small town, reputation is what keeps my office going.
PS - it's just VT. Well, VPI&SU, but VT for short. Go Hokies!

chuck utzman wrote:
It reminds me of the work recently published in the JLC (at V.I.T. maybe?)-- but their recommendation was 1/2" dia. lags at 7.2" o.c. for 12' joists.
Chuck Utzman, PE

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